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No charge to upload photos with your ads such as for used boats NH and more

You'll be happy to know that not only is our classifieds free for browsers and buyers, there is no charge to upload photos either!

If you are wanting to sell used chairs, stereos, microwaves or to list used boats for sale in New Hampshire, it is really important to include photos along with your ads. A picture is worth a thousand words! Especially in the event that you are competing with other sellers for an item, the more you can show your item in detail, the better.

Hints to help you upload better photos with your ads:

1. Choose to take your photos under a bright light so the details of your boat or other item can be seen. An outdoor photo under the sun works well, or choose bright indoor lighting in your garage/home, or your camera flash can work well too. If you have poor lighting, the photo will look dull and won't pick up details well.

2. It's best to upload several photos from different angles. You may think your used boat (or other item) is best seen from the front, but buyers want to see the sides and back as well. Allowing them to view the boat from all angles means that they know what condition the outside is in before they make the effort to travel to see it. This saves time for them and for you.

3. There is a file size restriction of 1 MB so you may need to resize your photo. Phone cameras these days can take very large file sizes photos, so you will need to check the size of your photo files. Some great free software is available, such as, which supports many of the most popular file formats. Or consider using open-source software which you can download at It is image editing software that is capable of resizing images and much more.